1967 Photos

These are a collection of photos from the 1967 history book, The Church of St Mary the Virgin 1867 – 1967.

Post-WW2 Clergy: Reverends Andrews, Hopkins and Froud

Pre-WW2 Clergy: Reverends Cooper, Brittan, Bean and Fisher

The Vestry in 1967

The Vestry in 1927

The Choir in 1966

The Choir in 1886

The Bible Class in 1930

The Servers Guild in 1966

The Original Church in 1867

Unveiling the Belltower in 1907

The Chancel and Sanctuary before 1966 alterations

The Chancel and Sanctuary after 1966 alterations

The Vicarage in 1905

Erecting the steeple in 1961

A Prizegiving in 1930

The title deed in 1862